How an Almost 8 Year Old Decorates for Christmas

 I accidentally posted my photo-a-day picture over at Four Quirky Greers today!  You can find our 
Box o'LEGO ornament there!

I was putting laundry away in the Future Fashionista's room today.  I thought her "decorations" were fun.  It's a good thing we don't worry too much about the shape of her walls!  So, for your viewing pleasure. . . . . 
here is an 8 year old's take on
Holiday Decorating.  
I. Love. This. Girl.

Tissue Paper Tree.  She put the "ornaments" on after she taped it (tacked it?) to the wall.  I expect that there might be dots on the wall when we take this tree down.
This is "mistletoe" that she made.  I love getting caught under it to get her smooches.
 The kids just watched "Santa Hunters" on Nickelodeon recently.  I guess she wants to be a Santa Hunter.
More decorations.  Again.  Love. This. Girl.
And I guess this is forever going forward, not just during the holidays.

Do your kids "decorate" their rooms?  Or do your kids have perfectly neat, perfectly decorated, high-couture rooms that you would never let them touch??  No judgements.  .  .  .  as long as you don't judge that my daughter's room looks like this!  

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