Meal Plan Monday and Goals for the Week

Making meal plans makes my life so much easier.  It makes it easier to go to the grocery store as well.  I can have a detailed pin-pointed shopping list.

This week, here's what our meal plan looks like.

Monday:             Rainbow noodles and homemade chicken nuggets (green?) for the kids and mushroom fried rice and Bok Choy salad for the adults  (I have mushrooms I need to use!)
Tuesday:             Corned beef hash & eggs ~~  I'm not spending $4/pound on a corned beef brisket this week.  Just not in the cards this year.
Wednesday:        Boca Burgers and Oven-baked Homemade Organic Steak fries
Thursday:           Rice & Bean Enchiladas ~~  It is amazing how much my family loves these.
Friday:                Ground Turkey Chili  
Saturday:           Every man/woman for themselves
Sunday:              Coconut Black Rice w/Shrimp and Broccoli

Depending on which day my friend and I end up doing our 11 mile walk this week, I might have to make an adjustment to my own meal.  I made the mistake of eating beans the night before one of our big walks during our last training and boy was that a mistake!  This is real life, people! 

Goals for the week:

Everything that was on my goal list last week, because most of it still didn't get done.  How could laundry take so long!?!?!  And where in the world are all of these clothes coming from?

 *  Walk 11 miles.
*  Go out with friends on Tuesday for St. Patty's Day.  Wanna see some of the fun crafts we're doing for our "costume"?  Check out our homemade body glitter and my green ruffled collar.
*  Spring Clean Master Bath
* Spring Clean Cook Book Cabinet

What's on your menu plan and goal list this week?

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