Berry Green Tea Cocktail ~~ It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!

 I remembered that we have blueberry vodka in our freezer.  Since we're trying to save money, I haven't been buying as many bottles of wine.  We still enjoy a cocktail every now and then though.

I've been making berry flavored green tea for the past week or so.  
 I brew my tea with 3 green tea bags and 3 berry tea bags to make one pitcher (half gallon) of tea.

 I decided to try the blueberry vodka in the berry green tea.  I also used a half teaspoon of the SweetLeaf Water Drops to make it a little sweet, since by nature, the teas themselves aren't sweetened.  This is not a very sweet drink at all, so if you don't like super-sweet drinks, you might like this.  If you DO like sweet drinks, you could just add a little more of the sweetener.  

I put 3 ice cubes in a glass.
Then I poured 1 ounce of chilled vodka over the ice.

Then, I poured the berry green tea over it and added my half teaspoon of the Water Drops.

Yummm. . . 

Since the tea and the stevia sweetener have zero calories, this is around 60 calories for the whole drink!

What's your favorite vodka drink?
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