Thursday, October 29, 2015

#OOTD Dress Number Two This Week

I've been raiding my closet this week.  I thought maybe I'd try to wear more dresses this week.  I bought this one at a thrift store last year when I was supposed to be looking for something to wear in Nashville when we were going down for the half marathon last April.  It has no tag except a size (38)  and a dry clean only tag.  I wonder if someone brought it back from a vacation somewhere exotic. I loved the colors in the dress and all of the sparkle.

I went crazy buying colored tights about eight years ago and never wore most of them.  Colored tights are one of those things that even if they go out of style, I'm still gonna wear 'em.  I just don't care. They don't call me Quirky for nothing.

I think the main reason I've been playing in my closet is because it helps take my mind off the fact that this hand is just not healing.  So of course, part of my "outfit" is my hand brace.

I tried it with an olive corduroy blazer because I love mixing up textures in my outfits. But it wasn't working for me because it was a little boxier than I would have liked with the dress.  Once my hand is healed and I can sew again, I'll need to do a little nip-tuck-sew on it.

Oh, and of course I wanted to wear the pearls I found at an antique store last year.

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  1. What a lovely dress! I also love that you're standing in your tights with your shoes beside you! Fabulously quirky, I agree!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your very nice comment - I actually don't think I've ever visited you, but I'm glad I came over!


    1. Well thanks for stopping by! LOL I hope to stop by your blog again soon. And thanks for your kind comments as well. :)


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