Our Most Recent Organic Food Haul

 It had been a while since I had ordered any organic produce through Blue Sky Green Fields.  The last time I had ordered was the week before I broke my hand and so many of my things had gone bad.  My hubby was too busy and I was too one-handed to deal with a lot of it.  

I'm able to use my right hand in a limited way now, but it's enough right now to be able to work with some fresh produce again.

Two weeks ago,Blue Sky Green Fields had some pretty good sales, so I picked up a few things and spent around $26.  Here's what I got:
1 Bunch of Organic beets with greens attached
2 containers of Organic grape tomatoes
2 Organic Avocadoes
3 lbs. of Organic Russet Potatoes
1 pound of Organic White Mushrooms
3 pounds of Organic gala apples
2 Organic green peppers
3 pounds of Organic yellow onions
2 heads of Organic Romaine lettuce

Last week, I ordered through Door-to-Door Organics.  It's a little easier for me right now because they actually deliver to my home.  Last week I ordered the "Bitty Box."  I like Door-to-Door because you have the option of switching out up to five items in your box if you don't want what's in the box.  You can also add a la carte items.  Last week I added a meat bundle.  There was a discount of 25% because they were offering a discount for opening up a new territory in Columbus.  I ended up spending around $59 last week.  I'm still trying to see how close I can get to my actual food budget with as much organic as possible.

Here's what I got from Door to Door organics last week:
For $59, I got:
1 Organic Rye bread
1 pound of Organic Beef Stew Meat
1 pound of Organic ground Beef
1 pound of free-range chicken breasts
1 pound of free range ground turkey

1 quart of Organic Coconut Milk
1 Organic Spaghetti Squash
1 pound of Organic Carrots
2 Organic Cucumbers
3 Organic bananas
1 Large Organic Green Apple
2 organic apples
2 organic pears
2 organic red onions
1 organic green pepper

I'm happy to say that nothing has gone bad so far except the greens on the beets.
I'm hoping to have a meal plan for the week up on the blog tomorrow.

I also got a couple boxes of organic whole wheat pasta, an organic beef stock, a jar of organic pasta sauce and some cans of organic chickpeas from Aldi.  I'm not sure how much I paid for those.

I'm going to keep trying to see if we can fit more organics into our food budget.

Do you buy Organic items?

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