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If I'm remembering correctly, some "What I Wore Wednesday" posts began because some of the moms were just trying to make more of an effort to not always be schlepping around in sweats and baby-stained clothes.  Although I'm past the baby-stained clothes phase, I've been wearing a lot of pull-on pants lately because of the whole broken hand thing.  It was nice to be able to put something besides pajamas or sweats on when my friends and I went out recently.

Unlike the entire fashion-blogging world, I don't have a nice, pretty outdoor setting and a photographer. . . . . . .I'm more like find a shelf that's almost the right height. . . .set the timer. . . . and run!  You guys are lucky there aren't dirty clothes on the floor in the picture. . . . .Just sayin'

I just adore this blouse.  I found it at a local thrift store.  I love everything about it.  This style of top works well for people with a small bustline and actually enhances to make me look like I actually even have a bustline!  I love the color.  I love the satin.  I love the embroidery. I love the sequins.  I just love it all.  The label says "heart soul."  I think it's a brand that Kohl's and JCPenney carry.  I don't need high-end stuff if it's this cute!

I had the pink sweater from before.  And here's the thing, sometimes I have clothes and I don't even know where I've gotten them from.  I'm pretty sure the jeans are from the same thrift store.   Our local thrift store is so good that I would feel completely stupid ever buying anything full price again.  The inside just says "The Sweetheart", so they might be Old Navy.

Apparently, my clothes had a "heart" theme!  At least in the labels.
And of course the exos arm brace. . . . . . . .

To Recap:
Top by heartsoul
Jeans: The Sweetheart~~ Old Navy?
Sweater by St. John's Bay
Hand Brace by Exos
Gray Hair by God

Would you prefer to stay in sweats all day?

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