Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fuzzy Socks, Hot tea, Warm Blanket and Tissues

That's what "cold care" is made of.  For me.  Those were the first things I thought of today when my alarm went off.  Or at least when I had hit snooze as many times as possible before having to get up and get my kids ready for school.

The cold that my kids had has finally caught up with me.  I started sneezing and getting stuffy last week.  On Sunday I told my hubby that my cold was probably going to get worse before it gets better.  I'm in "that" phase now.  Hopefully it won't last much longer.

It stinks when you get to that weird point when your nose is both stuffy AND runny at the same time.  I now have to decide whether I'm going to fight through it and try to get stuff done today OR just wrap myself into a little cocoon and get the rest that my body probably needs.

What's your vote?  Try to be productive?  Or rest? 

 Now I'm thinking about that cold medicine commercial when they say, "Moms don't take sick days."  I love those commercials, but I'm not sure masking my symptoms and fighting through it is the best way to go.

Oh, man!  I just heard a sneeze from the other room!  It's that time of year again!

I was just thinking that it's getting close to time to stock my "sick pantry" again. When I feel better I'm going to start working on that.

For now, nobody in this house is going to starve if I don't make it to the store today.  They'll just have to be more creative and think outside the box. . . . . .the cereal box that is.  We will be out of cereal and milk.  Guess I'll have to fix eggs for breakfast in the morning.   Or salad.  We have plenty of fresh veggies in the house.  And they can take canned pineapple and chickpeas for lunch tomorrow. It'll all be good.  Thank goodness for our mini stockpile.

With the coming cold/flu and snow season coming, here are the things I think we need to keep stock in just in case I can't make it to the store:
Coffee and Toilet Paper
Dry Milk
Canned Fruits and Veggies
Loaves of Bread in the freezer
Chicken Broth
Egg Noodles
an Emergency Bag of Cat Food. . . . .
you know, all the things it seems like you run out of and have to make a "quick trip" for.

I'd rather have back-stock here and go into full-on hibernation mode.
Maybe that's just the cold talking though!

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