Cozy Up with Rose Quartz | Pantone's Color for Spring 2016

Pantone's #1 Color for Spring 2016 is Rose Quartz.  It's a soft, pretty mauve.  I love Pink.  It's always been one of my favorite colors since I tend toward the girly-girly side of things.  So, I am loving Pantone's new choice for the Colors of Spring. 

A plus with these colors that they've chosen is that they look incredible with silver hair.  Score one for the Silver Sisters!

This first set is just some things I found in colors close to Rose Quartz.  Some of these items are waaaaay out of my price range.

SO, the second set includes items that are under $50 each.  These items are a little more affordable for me.  Just an FYI:
 I never knew I needed a pair of pink suede tassled loafers, but aren't they cute?!?! 
And of course I don't really need them. . . .. . let's face it, they're not a necessity.  But, man are they cute!  And how can you go wrong pairing a white sweater with classic Levi's?  They're the perfect backdrop to flaunt some cozy Rose Quartz accessories.

Rose Quartz Pantone's Color for Spring 2016

Cozy Up with Rose Quartz for Going out OR Staying In

Cozy Up with Rose Quartz for Going out OR Staying In by hbhl featuring Surya

Which is your favorite item in these sets?

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