Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday-Themed Birthday Treat Bags Composed of Dollar Store Items

Christmas time is an awesome time to host a kids' birthday party if your child doesn't mind having a Winter or Christmas theme.

We were going with kind of a Christmas/holiday theme with Future Fashionista's small birthday party this year.  We'll be decorating Christmas cookies and having hot cocoa made in a slow cooker.  We were going to decorate white mugs with markers, but I couldn't find the mugs.  The dollar store didn't have them when we were there.  They were more expensive than I wanted to pay at Target and I never made it back to the craft store.

Since we were going with a holiday-type theme, we were able to just stick with that theme with the gift bags.  I'm truthfully not a big fan of the treat bags that are given out at parties.  They're usually full of candy and cheap plastic things that end up getting thrown away because I'm tired of stepping on them.  Who needs all of the tiny little plastic things?

We included a pack of hot cocoa, a pack of popcorn, a lip balm, a Christmas pencil, Christmas stickers and Christmas candy in our bags.   The price we spent for everything for our treat bags was $12.  So each bag will end up costing us approximately $1.71.  Note:  We possibly needed 7 bags and there were only 6 bags of popcorn that we bought.  I have an extra pack at home that I'm going to put into one of the bags.

Of course, these would work well for Christmas parties at school too.  Although, they would be a little more expensive if you had to buy them for 24 kids instead of 7! 

Here's a peek at how the party went. We enjoyed hot cocoa and decorated cookies. The girls played kickball outside even though it was below freezing. We painted fingernails and the girls had a gymnastics competition, which concluded with me trying to do a split. It didn't work!

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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