Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thankful & Thrifty Thursday with Late WW Pics

How's that for a Mish-Mash of a post?  I mean. . . .when I remember to do my Thankful Thursday posts, IF  I've had any recent thrifty finds, those posts are combined.  BUT, I've never thrown my missing Wordless Wednesday post in there just for fun!!!

This was how beautiful it was outside when we went for a 5 mile walk~~which I am STILL feeling, by the way!  Yowza!  It's been too long since I've walked that distance consistently.

As you can see, the trees are all bare now.  But, the grass is green and sky is blue!  The kids keep asking me when it's going to snow and I tell them, "I hope Neeeeeeevvvvvah!!!!" Except maybe Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
 The moon was so cool, faintly perched above the trees.  Were any of you able to witness that amazing moon Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving night?
Now, for Thankful Thursday.  I'm thankful for these things:

  • Thankful that my hubby is done with one of his classes for a couple weeks.  That'll give him a little breather.
  • I'm thankful we were able to spend another Thanksgiving together with my hubby's family.
  • I'm thankful that both kids have been healthy since their last colds. 
  • I'm thankful that the weather has been warmer than average.
  • I'm thankful that we get to go watch our first band concert tonight.
  • I'm thankful for organic delivery services.
  • I'm thankful for friends to play Words with Friends with.
  • I'm thankful for friends who help me out in a pinch and I'm thankful that I'm able to help them when they need help.
  • I'm thankful I finally have the first Christmas gift bought.  
  • Can't decide whether I'm thankful for this or not:     Day 82 since I began my period last time~~I finally started again.  I thought I was just gonna coast right on through another 9 months and be done. . . . . .  Good?  Bad?  Who knows!?! Crazy hormones!
What are you thankful for this week?  

I'm also thankful that I found these goodies at the thrift store.  All together, I only spent $26!!!

I got 7 sweaters and 2 long sleeved t-shirts for me.  Can you tell I'm tired of gray and brown?  I did get one brown sweater, but it's flecked with other colors and I thought it was cute because it was cropped.  The sweater on top that looks brown, is actually olive green.

I also got 2 boy's dress shirts for The Builder.

And I got these 3 shirts for a sewing project I'm going to work on!!!  If it turns out, I'll definitely be posting about it!

Happy Thankful and Thrifty Thursday!!!

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