Friday, January 1, 2016

Cleaning and Organizing Goals for January

Over the holidays and the last two weeks, every time I looked for something in my kitchen cabinets I just wanted to close my eyes.  I have been taking out what I need and quickly closing the doors, thinking to myself, "I really need to clean these things soon!"

I've created a list of things I'd like to start working on in January once the kids are back in school.

Here's my list.  I've tried to break things down into "short bursts" of activity so that it doesn't become an all-consuming task.  There will still be other things that I need to get done during the day.  I have a tendency to start something and work until it's done.

BUT, in the interest of trying to maintain balance, I will try to only do one small area each day.  That leaves me time to also get back to reading my Bible, working out for my January fitness goals and spending more time socializing my blog.

Here's the list that I have so far.  I will begin on January 4th.

  1. File and shred paperwork.
  2. Organize and wash island cabinets.
  3. Organize and clean island drawers.
  4. Organize and clean lower cabinets from hallway to oven.
  5. Organize and clean lower cabinets from stove to dishwasher.
  6. Organize and clean baking cabinet.
  7. Organize junk drawer.
  8. Organize and clean cabinet underneath junk drawer.
  9. Organize right side of pantry and clean floor.
  10. Organize left side of pantry and clean floor.
  11. 1 hour in Master closet.
  12. 1 hour in Master closet.
  13. 1 hour in Master closet.
  14. Organize and photograph clothes to sell on ebay.
  15. List clothes on ebay.
  16. Organize bathroom cabinets.
  17. Organize bathroom trunks.
  18. Organize and clean makeup bags.
  19. Re-Organize cookbook cabinet.
  20. Clean and organize cabinets under kitchen sink.
That should take me through January.  And truthfully, it might kill me to not get it all done at once.  But, I have to TRY!!!  It's all about balance. . . . . . . yes, it's all about balance. 

Are you going to begin any organization projects?

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