Monday, February 13, 2017

Lots of Healthy Lifestyle Giveaways to Enter! #giveaway #healthyliving

 I saw that one of my bloggy buddies was back into sweeping again and it motivated me to try my own hand at a few.  Why not?  Most of the entries for these giveaways were fairly easy.  I tried to choose giveaways to post here that had at least a week left.  

For this listing I only re-shared the giveaways that would in some way, shape, or form, help to create a healthier lifestyle.  A lot of these are for kitchen items.  I'm here to tell you though, 90% of health comes from the kitchen!  Everything you put into your body has an effect on it.  I know that little tidbit so much better now that I've done a whole round of the Whole30.  I thought I knew how certain foods affected my body before, but now I really know.  Other categories that I lumped into the "healthy living" category were:  Sleep, motivation, getting outside, staying active, etc.  So there are some giveaways for weekend getaways, mattresses and for some odd reason. . . . . pajama jeans.  I don't know about you, but the more comfortable I am, the "healthier" I feel.  Comfort is important!

For some of these, I've used referral links to be able to get extra entries for myself.  Yes, I entered all of these myself as well. So, if you end up clicking through the link and entering the giveaway, I might get a bonus point or two.  If you do, THANKS! 

If you enter, Good Luck!  I hope one of us wins!

Superberries Blender Giveaway (Facebook giveaway) at the Superberries page Ends 2/28
Dominex Products? & Indoor Grill Ends 2/28 at the Dominex Eggplant page on FB
Have you seen any other good "healthy living" giveaways?  I'd love to add them to my list!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for entering and listing my Click & Grow Giveaway! It's nice to meet you! And yes, my giveaways are so easy to win, in fact, I've had a few people win twice. Love the Bible verse listed on the side =)


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