Challenges to Join in April

  • Blogville Earth Day Challenge hosted by Louis Dog Armstrong.  Do one "pawsitive thing fur Planet Earth", take a photo and submit it the website by April 15th.  This is a challenge, not a contest.
  • 2017 April PAD Challenge ~~  Poem a Day  
  • Blogging from A to Z challenge.  I've tried this one before.  Didn't make it through!  But for those of you who are better at accepting challenges, go for it!  I think most people choose a theme and then do their A - Z posts around their theme.  You post in alphabetical order every day of April, except weekends, I believe. . . or maybe just Sundays~~that makes more sense for 26 letters.
  • April Mini Challenge from Little Green Farmhouse.   (video) I might actually try this one. I like Mini Challenges, instead of daily challenges!  Easier to manage.
  • I don't run. . . . it's just not physically possible for me after having a 10 pound baby. . . . BUT, if YOU are a runner (or want to be), you can join the April Running Distance Challenge.
  • Barefoot Autism Challenge.  This challenge has a facebook page.  It's a barefoot walk challenge to raise awareness for autism during autism awareness month.  "People can take the challenge by posting a video on social media of them walking barefoot during autism awareness month and share what sensory interactions they faced and how someone with autism might experience those interactions. Then they'd challenge a friend to do the same thing" 
  • I love this one!  April Doodle Challenge.  For your planner, journal or sketchbook.
  •  A running photo challenge?  As I've said. . . . I can't run. . . . much less run and take a photo.  But if you can, here you go!  Looks like it's a "British" one. from @lizzierunning
  •  Yoga!!!! Now you're talking my fitness language.  Maybe I should work on some yoga in April.   Follow @DoYouYoga on Instagram.
  •  If you're a reader, here's an April Bookstagram challenge:
  •  Happy Lettering Challenge for you fancy writers out there.
*Day 30 Included* πŸ–€Hey everyone! Here is our Happy Lettering Challenge for April 2017! Come & join us on this Happy Lettering adventure! The Happy Lettering Challenge has been loads of fun so far. We cannot wait to see all the amazing artwork & lettering for the month of April! #HappyLetteringChallenge is still the tag to share your work and for a chance to get featured. Visit πŸ‘‰πŸΌ for more info. Lets have fun & practice together! We wish you lots of joy & love! πŸ–€⚜️πŸ–€⚜️πŸ–€ . . #aprilchallenge #calligraphy #calligraphychallenge #moderncalligraphy #brushlettering #brushcalligraphy #lettering #letteringchallenge #calligraphylettering #handlettering #handlettered #brushpen #handwritten #handmade #modernscript #brushscript #script #handmadefont #handwrittenfont #fauxcalligraphy #brushtype #scriptlettering #flourishes #letteringpracticechallenge #CalligraFriends #CalligraBesties #CalligraSquad #PracticeWithIdaTyraChrystal #LetteringChallenges
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  • Hand-lettering kindness challenge? I might have to see a few before I catch on to this one, but they had me at "kindness"
Hi friends! I am so very excited to announce that I have partnered with three lovely ladies to bring to you my most favorite challenge yet!! Alie @alieletters, Nat @sketchyminx, & Kirsty @astrokeofgenius_ and I present to you our April #showersofkindness challenge! This month is all about showering yourself and others with kindness and appreciation, which means so much to me!! Believe in yourself, show your love to others, and join in on the fun! Whether you have been lettering for a while, or just starting out, we can't wait to see your work! Don't forget to tag the four of us and use the hashtag #showersofkindness for your chance to be featured throughout the month! ALSO, for a little extra fun, tag a friend who you appreciate (it does not have just to be a #calligrafriend πŸ˜‰) in your art to share the love! .. .. #lovelettersbylauren#handlettering#handmadefont#typegang#moderncalligraphy#calligraphy#brushcalligraphy#typography#aprilchallenge#letteringchallenge50words#typespire#typeyeah#typism#TYxCA#typedaily#365daysoflettering#goodtype#thedailytype#designspiration#typematters#tombow#brushletterin
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  • Creative Business Makers Instagram challenge

  •  I also love this next one.  A positivity challenge to inspire creativity. 

 Which challenges do you think look fun?

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  1. This is a great post, some really good suggestions to join in with :) #sharethejoylinky

  2. Thank you SO much for posting all of those great challenges and I love your hair!

  3. Great round-up! Personally as a mum with two young kids I find sticking with challenges e dry day abit tricky, I've not made a whole month yet :) #sharethejoy


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