Ditching the Dye? Going Gray? 5 Going Gray Support Groups on Facebook

 Well, if you haven't noticed yet.  . . . .  I have gray hair.  And I'm silly.  Sometimes. . . .really, really silly.  One of the reasons in my "Top 10 reasons I'm going to love going gray" list that I made when I was first going gray was so that I could wear braids.  Turns out I kind of stink at making braids, but the point is. . . . gray hair doesn't have to be serious or boring.  And although the process can seem daunting, there is a whole lot of support out there, if you know where to find it!

I began my "going gray" journey back in the very beginning of 2012.  I can't believe it's been 5 years since I began.  My "going gray" journey was a little quicker than some people's, because about 6 months in I got impatient and got a pixie.

Even then, I still had some color left on the ends.  When I began to go gray, most people were supportive.  I figured I picked a good time to do it since people were trying to intentionally color their hair gray.  The whole granny hair thing was just getting traction back then.  I remember hoping back then that the granny hair thing would last long enough for me to get through the growing out phase.  I believe people are still doing it, right?  It's an awesome time for people who are naturally gray underneath all of their color to go back to their "authentic" selves.

I'm not going to lie.  The first several months are hard.  You're at that stage when people are looking at you and might be wondering what in the world is going on on your head.  I mean, "Are you intentionally letting your roots show like that?"

I remember when I was still coloring, how embarrassing it was when it was time to color my hair again and I had that 1/2 inch of gray showing.  For me, once I got past THAT point when I was growing out my gray, I was fine.  I actually even had a lot of compliments.  I looked like a calico cat. . . . . . but, whatever.  In the photo above, I was 5 months in.  By this point, I'm pretty sure people knew what I was doing. 

If you have been throwing around the idea of going gray, you don't have to do it alone.  There are so many wonderful support groups on Facebook.  Some of them are extremely active with people in all stages of being glitterific.  There is everyone from people who are possibly considering maybe stopping the coloring to women who have been dye-free for decades.  Everyone cheers everyone else on.  If you have questions you can ask questions.  Or, you can just be there to support everyone else.

Here's a list of Facebook groups for Gray Hair.  You have to be approved to get into most of the groups as they're closed groups.

Gray and Proud

Silver is the New You

Going Gray & Lovin' It

GGG Going Gray Guide

Going Gorgeously Gray

 And if you want to read about what I was feeling in the first month after I decided to go gray, please read this "Thank You" post.   I truthfully don't even remember writing it.  That just goes to show you that the transition process doesn't last forever!  And remember, gray hair doesn't have to be dowdy, matronly or boring!  It can be vibrant, youthful and fun.  Just join the groups above and you'll see that!

Have you considered going naturally gray?  I would love to cheer you on!

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  1. I'm 43 and am going grey. I tried going grey 6 years ago but didn't want to cut my hair short so I quit after a few months and went back to coloring. I knew I'd have to be willing to cut my hair if I was really going to do it. Now I'm finally ready.
    My best friend doesn't want me to do it and that's hard. But I'm going to have to just tell her I need her support because I really do want to wear my hair naturally. I feel like a fake when I color.

  2. Hi Ginger, I know what you mean about feeling "fake" When I look back now at photos of me with brown hair, I feel like I didn't look like my true self. I DO miss my brown hair occasionally though. For the most part I love my gray though. It's SO much easier. About the getting your hair cut~~ If you check out the boards listed above you will see that a LOT of people don't get their hair cut during the process. It does take a lot more time to completely get rid of the color that way, but people do it. And sometimes, it looks really cool! I would think that it would look cool with red hair. If you decide to try again, let me know and I'll be your cheerleader. :)

    1. Cheer away! I got my hair chopped and highlighted a couple weeks ago so the transition will be easier. I know lots of people go grey with long hair, but I knew I couldn't do that.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

    2. Go Ginger! Go Ginger! :) Good Luck. Once it's over with you'll feel so free. I'm not a long hair person in general, so it didn't bother me to cut mine. The only reason I have mine long now is because I'm trying to grow it long enough to donate it. My hubby wants me to keep it long, but it drives me crazy! We'll see how it goes. Ha! I think I'm following you on Instagram now, so keep us updated on your progress!

  3. I let my hair go natural in my 50s (I am now 61)....and I hated it. I wish my hair was the color of YOURS. My hair is PURE WHITE...PURE, PURE WHITE!!! I love that yours is actually "GRAY". Now, I have been considering letting mine go natural again.......but am thinking of asking my hairdresser to actually mix in GRAY to give my hair some dimension. You look GORGEOUS with your hair, I actually think you look better gray than as a brunette!!! You also have thick hair, mine is baby fine. I am definitely going to check out those groups. Thanks! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Hi Caren! Thank you. :) I think pure white would be gorgeous, but I'm sure your hairdresser could add gray low lights. Definitely check out the groups. Lots of inspiration there.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your gray hair! It looks AWESOME! I want to let mine go gray. I call it gray like you do but my stylist insists on referring to gray hair as silver and she also insists it will not look good on me and will make me look older than I am (50s). Thanks for sharing the groups, going to check them out. I saw your post at the Friday Favorites Party 366.

    1. Thank you, Grammy Dee. From all of the women I've seen that have before and after photos of going gray, all of them look better with the gray! Here's the thing. . . . while you're in the middle of the growing out process it can SEEM like it's going to make you look older because you still have the mix of your natural color and your fake color. Don't let that phase fool you. Once all of the fake color is gone, gray looks amazing. Good Luck if you decide to ditch the dye! Keep us updated. :)

  5. Thank you so much for linking your awesome post to Share the Joy! I think it's great there are so many awesome support/cheerleader groups on Facebook to help people along the way #sharethejoy

  6. I've just recently started on this journey. My first blog post on it will publish tomorrow so the timing of your post and information you've shared is perfect. Thanks.



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