Monday, March 27, 2017

Relax and Get Creative with Gel Pens and Adult Coloring Books

As we grow up, our free time is increasingly focused on the to-dos of life: work, kid activities, exercise, among others. The little time we have for relaxing? It’s often more devoted to catching up on to-dos like paying bills, cooking, or even just getting to sleep a little earlier. But now there’s a creative pursuit—once thought of as appropriate only for kids—that’s hit it big time with adults: coloring books.
Themed for people that are older, these coloring books encourage a great release of stress, and are appropriate for a few minutes—or a longer period of time too. And one of the ways that people decorate these coloring books is gel pens. They’re extremely interesting for the variety of color, texture, and pattern that they can add to coloring books. And they can be used with other decorative tools for coloring books. Want to learn more? Check out this graphic.

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