DIY Painted Cowboy Boots

I bought these cowboy boots several years ago on ebay for Halloween. I decided to paint them, because. . . .why not?

We've always dressed as a family for Halloween until my son decided he's too cool for that.  😎

I love the boots.  Two years ago though, I decided that I would jazz them up a bit.  Yes. Two years ago.  It took me TWO YEARS to finish this project.  Who knows what happened in that 2 years time that took me away from finishing them.  The funny part is I was wearing them half finished in the meantime.  Ha!  Oh well. . . . .

I used oil-based Sharpie paint pens to do this project.

 The markers that I got came with five colors, but I only ended up using four of the colors.  I used the blue, purple, green and pink. I ordered mine on Amazon.  Right now on Amazon they're $16.86 and Prime.  So if you have Prime, there's free shipping on them.

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I basically just painted right over the stitched design on the boots.

  • First, you need to clean the boots though.  I wipe down with a dampened cloth should do the trick.  
  • Then, make sure you shake the paint markers really well.
  • When you first open the markers, you will need to press the tip down on a piece of cardboard to get the paint to the tip.  Usually, once the paint is there you're good to go.  This may take several minutes though.  Be patient!
  • Shake occasionally to make sure the paint is staying mixed and toward the tip. 

 I just started with one color and then used another and then another, and finally the last color.  I copied the colors that I used wherever there was the same pattern.  I made sure to mirror the colors on the boots, not that anyone would probably notice it while I'm wearing them!  I didn't do the design on the top of the boot.  I might eventually.

If you've ever thought about trying out the oil-based Sharpie paint markers, I say go for it!
 Let me tell you why:

When I finally came around to finish the project, the markers still worked.  I know that it was almost exactly 2 years because the boots showed up in my Facebook Memories.  (Man, I love those things!)

Have you ever used the oil-based paint markers for any projects?

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