7 Things to Do When Your Best Friend is Pregnant

Your best friend announcing that they are pregnant is always a moment of sheer joy and exhilaration-- and the beginning of your transition from friend to supporter. As a Mom, you have been there, experienced pregnancy and motherhood, and now you can offer your seasoned wisdom to your friend. This is a time that will bring you closer together as friends; so it’s one you are going to be able to cherish.

If you want to ensure you’re there for your friend every step of the way, here’s a handy list of the things you can do to support her pregnancy. Presuming that you learn of your friend’s pregnancy after 12 weeks -- as is standard -- this guide will take you through the rest of the pregnancy, ensuring that you’re able to support your friend in the best ways possible.

The Third Month

“Morning” sickness is at its most prevalent during the first trimester; in a few weeks time, it will likely have subsided altogether. For the moment though, there’s a good chance your friend is still struggling with the issue.

Why not put together a morning sickness and nausea survival parcel? It’s simple enough to do. All you need is:

  • Ginger tea
  • Ginger biscuits
  • Ginger root
  • Saltines

You can also throw in a cup for the tea as a cute addition, if you see fit.

This gift shows that you know what she’s going through and are going to support her, making the journey as easy as possible along the way.

The Fourth Month

The morning sickness should have eased, and the long wait for the 20-week scan is likely dominating your friend’s thoughts. This is a great time to spend a relaxing day together. Many women report they feel great during the second trimester. In fact, some women even report they feel "not pregnant" and back to normal during this time! As a result, your friend should have the energy for a little shopping, going for a walk, a cinema trip, a (decaf for her) coffee, or just a cozy evening at your home.

You likely already do spend this kind of time with your friend on occasion, but we’re all guilty of becoming overbooked and not spending quality time with our friends. Making a mental note to definitely spend time together during the fourth month is the best way to ensure that you’re there in person, and not just in thought.

The Fifth Month

The weight of her bump may be beginning to be a struggle for your friend, so now is a great time to book in for a massage. Ideally, you want to opt for a prenatal massage; therapists who practice these specific techniques know exactly the help and support that a pregnant woman needs, so they will be the most effective. There are numerous health benefits to a prenatal massage outside of the physical relaxation; massages have also been linked with reducing symptoms of prenatal depression and anxiety.

You can give your friend a voucher, or join her for a spa day. This is a great bonding experience and also helps ease any aches and pains that she may be suffering. As you likely experienced with your own pregnancies, pampering when expecting tends to be one of the first things you stop having the time or energy to do-- so treating her to a lovely day, that has an extra health benefit too, will be appreciated.

The Sixth Month

By the time your friend is in her sixth month of pregnancy, she’s likely to be feeling good, if a little more tired than usual. It’s around this time that women “adapt” to being pregnant; it’s less of a novelty, and more just the way that their life is now.

One way to combat this feeling of fatigue is to buy your friend a one-line journal. The idea behind these journals is simple; rather than keeping a full diary the way we all did in high school, the writer just records one single line to summarize that day. It’s the perfect option to help encourage your friend to record details about her pregnancy, without having to be troubled by writing out huge entries.

You can buy special one-line journals if you want to keep things simple. Alternatively, you can buy a blank notepad and explain the concept to her. It’s worth mentioning that these journals are especially useful for recording baby kicks, which is something she’s going to know she has to keep an eye on for the rest of her pregnancy.

If you want to bring the idea fully into the 21st century, you could create a Twitter account for her and hand over the sign-in details on a card. This encourages brief record keeping, and will be a lovely memento to look back on in future years.

The Seventh Month

Relaxation is the name of the game for the seventh month. By this time, your friend is likely more tired than usual, and she may be struggling more with the weight of an ever-growing bump.

So how can you relax someone who is seven months pregnant? You have a range of options, depending on what your friend usually likes. The simplest choice is to buy her a candle and a good book, encouraging her to spend a little time with her feet up and just indulging herself.

Alternatively, you could offer to take care of her house for a couple of days while she goes away with her husband for a “babymoon”. Babymoons are becoming increasingly popular; giving a couple a chance to spend a little one-on-one time together before their family changes forever. The seventh month is a great time to take it, too-- her bump isn’t too big and her energy will be at a decent level, so she’ll be able to enjoy it.

Of course, she will enjoy it all the more if she knows she’s going to be coming home to a clean house and a meal already prepared! You could even leave a few nice pampering products in the bathroom, just to extend the relaxation for a little bit longer.

The Eighth Month

By the time the eighth months rolls around, many moms-to-be are turning their mind to decorating the nursery. They can see the end is in sight and they begin to think about life when the baby actually arrives.

Now is the perfect time for a sweet, thoughtful gift for the nursery. Many of us buy these gifts when our friend has given birth -- and there’s definitely a place for that -- but it can help to ease the nursery decorating stress if you contribute during the eighth month.

If your friend has decided on the name for her child, then it’s worth taking the time to browse here and opt for a personalized gift. Something small and trinkety; you don’t have to spend a fortune or make a huge contribution, but something nice, something that shows you care. If she hasn’t chosen a name, then you can opt for a standard toy or cute little decorative piece that doesn’t require personalization.

Why decor rather than something practical? Practical is what baby showers are for, and your friend probably has family helping out with all the necessary purchases that go along with a newborn baby. By choosing something fun and decorative, you celebrate the pregnancy without giving her items she may then feel she has to use. Decorative pieces are just meant to be pretty, so there’s no pressure to use a gift, and it’s just something nice that can brighten up the nursery during the decorating process.

The Ninth/Tenth Month

The finish line is in sight, and chances are your friend is feeling pretty uncomfortable. Her bump is huge, her energy is low, and she’s reaching the point where she just wants to meet her new baby.

This is the perfect time for you to help her prepare for the first few weeks as a new parent. By far the best way to do this is to cook, and freeze, several meals for her. Cooking is one of the most time-consuming things we do, and in the middle of the sleep deprivation that goes along with a newborn, your friend probably isn’t going to be in the mood.

There’s a wide range of foods that you can cook and freeze, so it shouldn’t be too much hassle to find something that works for her tastes. Women are often told to precook meals before giving birth, but they rarely have the energy to actually do so; by taking this task on for yourself, you’ll make a big difference to her first few weeks of motherhood.

In Conclusion

When your best friend is pregnant, the above ideas will help you support and show your love for her. You can do all of these things or just one, depending on the time you have available. However, you can be certain that anything from this list that you do will be incredibly well-received.

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