How to Stay in Control this Holiday Season

Christmas, it might be the most wonderful time of the year, but for most families it is also one of the most stressful. Visiting relatives, time spent waiting in holiday traffic, or stuck in a line at the mall, screaming kids, and the thought of being cooped up at home while slaving over a hot stove can have even the most organized of parents feeling stressed and overwhelmed. However, if you normally suffer from stress during the festive season then now’s the time to make a change for the better. If you want to stay in control and remain cool and calm this holiday season, then be sure to follow these tips.


Even if you are a complete control freak, then this is your year to learn how to delegate. If you have family visiting or are cooking for a large party this year, then be sure to split the workload if you want to enjoy yourself and not feel completely overwhelmed this holiday season. You could get your parents to prepare sides, and have your kids help you to peel and chop the vegetables – with some supervision of course. Your guests will love helping you out, and it means you can enjoy some extra special family time too. Plus, kids will feel proud that they helped cook and prepare your holiday feast.


Plan ahead

If you want your Christmas to go without a hitch, then it’s essential that you plan ahead and get organized this festive season. You can begin your baking and cooking a few weeks before the holidays, meaning that you can have meals and sides on hand – that only need warming up in the oven. If you are planning a big family get together, then make sure you write down your shopping list well in advance and always keep a back up vegetarian or gluten free option on hand, just in case you have to deal with dietary needs.

The same applies to gifts too. Rather than buy last-minute presents, start early and buy them something that’ll suit them down to the T. Whatever you’re buying them, then do so before everything becomes too much for you to handle. Plus, by starting earlier you are able to spread the costs. With the extra time to think and plan, you can think outside the box: name a star after them at Star Registration, plan an experience day for them, or treat them to the latest gadget.

Enjoy yourself

Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and being merry with your family and friends. So make sure that you take time to enjoy yourself and relax at home too. If you are stressed, then your entire family will pick up on your mood, resulting in a rather somber Christmas Day. Plus, the holiday season is the ideal time to get ready for the New Year too. So make sure that you relax and unwind – or else you’ll begin 2018 by feeling sick and unwell.

It’s easy to stay in control during the holiday season. Make sure that you delegate, grab a hot cocoa and get planning, and be sure to enjoy yourself too. Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned – chances are no one will even notice.

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  1. These are three great tips! I try to implement them myself.

  2. I agree with all these points, I am a firm beleiver in planning ahead and enjoying the moment!

  3. I definitely enjoy myself. I love the holidays. I like the delegate one. So often moms can take on too much. Thanks for the post. xoxo

  4. Its so important to stay in control and make the best of holiday season. I loved the post.


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