I took the Challenge!!--Home Management Binder

I was browsing through my favorite blogs yesterday and noticed that Toni from "A Bowl Full of Lemons" was challenging her readers to create a Home Management Binder.  And wasn't I just talking about that in my ADD Cleaning post?  So, I took the challenge! 

Toni has a list of items on her post that you need to get started.  I was missing a few, so I made do with what I had on hand.  I was lucky enough to find some super-cute page dividers that I had forgotten about.  They performed the task that I needed perfectly! 

As some of you know, if you've been following me, I'm a book and video freak.  Well, apparently, office and school supplies also find there way into my house quite frequently.  So, I was able to come up with a binder, the aforementioned dividers and page protectors(!).  I love page protectors!  I found a couple good websites for printable lists.  I plan to put my lists inside page protectors and then use a dry-erase marker.   That way I don't have to keep printing the same stuff over and over again. 

The website where I found my printable for my "Daily", "Weekly" and "Monthly"checklists was  MarthaStewart.com . 

 I found my Menu planning printable at The Homeschool Mom.  

I love that it has space for each meal, each day and a Grocery List.  And I got pretty much everything else at Organized Home.com.  It looks like they are not alllowing people to use their links lately, so just look up Organizedhome.com in your search engine.  They have so many great printables.  They even have diet printables that you can write everything down that you've eaten and check them off.  i.e.  Grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.  They have over 40 different printables that you can use and it just looks like an incredible site for general organizational knowledge. 

I also saw some cool "Freezer" and "Pantry" lists that I plan to put in page protectors and glue to cardboard.  I will then put magnets on the back of the cardboard for the "Freezer" list and put velcro on the back of the "Pantry" list to stick up inside the pantry/cabinet doors.  Once again, I plan to use a dry-erase marker for each of those. 

To start the binder, I tried to make it a little prettier.  I had some scrapbook paper left over from some invites I made for my daughter's birthday party last year.  I cut it to fit inside the see-through front of the binder.  I then printed "Household Binder" on white paper and made a frame with black and purple construction paper. 

The finished product

My supplies to decorate the front

I used the same divisions that Toni used.  I think I might have skipped "schedules" because I'll wait until I see how the rest of my calendar works.  Right now, the only extra thing we have is daughter's gymnastics.  I'm pretty sure I can keep track of that. 

Calendar:  I had a calendar that was the perfect size to fit in the binder.  I punched holes in it and placed that in the front.  Then I have my "Weekly Planner".  I printed four of those, so that I could do a month's worth at a time.  Of course they are in their protectors!

 Then I have my Perimenopausal tracker calendar.  Just seeing if you guys are paying attention!  Actually, it is true though.  If you need to see why, check out my "Grieving the Loss of my Youth"  post.  I'm over it now, but my doctor told me to keep a "period journal" to track the new craziness.  So, I thought my new binder would be the perfect place to keep track!

Then I have my "Cleaning" section with my Martha Stewart printables and a general monthly calendar with which cleaning projects I should be working on each day.

Next is my Menu planning area. I have the weekly menu plan that I was talking about earlier and a monthly meal plan calendar behind that. 

After that, I have my "Finances" tab.  I was just planning on moving all of my stuff from my current folder into this spot.

I was lucky enough to have a divider with a pocket!!  I was hoping to put a pocket in here for each week's sale ads.  Woo Hoo!  It was meant to be.

Following that is my "To Do" section.  It has a "Daily Do-it checklist", on which I have a general daily schedule listed.  Then I have 7 pages of my "Daily to-do list".  That has my normal cleaning schedule written permanently on there.  And then it would be for anything out of the normal--field trips, doctor's appointments, etc.

School is next.  I will move all of the kids' school papers, phone numbers, etc into this spot.

That will be followed by "Medical".  Guess I'm going to have to get copies of the kids' medical records.  And once we find doctors that we actually like, we'll put their information in also.

The final two tabs are for contacts and blogging.  Took the blogging idea from Toni.  But, mine will be for networking.  Since I've started blogging, I'm finding that I'm totally addicted to it!  I'm spending too much time and I need to set daily limits.  So, I figure I'll set an amount of "comments" that I'm allowed each day and number of "blog hops" that I'm allowed to do.  And that's it!  No more!  Yeah, we'll see how that goes.

So, there's my binder.  I'm hoping it will help create a little more sanity in my house.  Thanks for the challenge, Toni!!

How many of you have binders already?  Do you have any tips?  If you don't have one, then I challenge you to check out Toni's blog  this week and take the challenge yourself! 

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