I'm a Bookaholic

Hi, my name is Quirky Homemaker and I’m a bookaholic.  It’s been. . . Okay, I can’t do this part.  I’ve never been without books.  I would fail any 12-step program trying to get me to give up books.  I have been a voracious reader since I was able to sound out my first letters.  I think that it’s all my parents’ fault because they signed up for The Weekly Reader book club when I was small.  And so my obsession began. 

If you could see my kids’ bookshelves you would know that I have a problem.  I buy books at garage sales, library book sales and online.  At least I’m smart enough now to never pay full price for a book anymore! 

In fact, buying books is one of the things that I’m trying to give up this year since we’re trying to balance our budget.  I’m not going to buy massive quantities of books, magazines or clothes online (or in a brick & mortar store, but that’s not my usual mode of shopping).  But, I did cheat yesterday.  I bought three books from my local library for a total of $1.  So, that doesn’t really count, right?  Spoken like a true addict. 

I love everything about real books (yeah, I said “real”, we’ll get to that later).  Standing in a used bookstore perusing the shelves for some sort of treasure that is sure to change my life forever.  Flipping through pages of books that I own to find some useful insight.  Or just picking up a novel and reading it in 2 days.  I love it.  Love it!

I don’t think that I’ll ever own a Kindle or any kind of e-reader.  I don’t want to look at a tiny little screen.  I like to turn pages.  I don’t listen to audio books because I don’t like to hear someone else’s voice.  I like to imagine and create my own images.  Somebody else’s voice just doesn’t do it for me.  I know that e-books will never take over and make real books obsolete.  I hope.  Oh my goodness, that won’t happen will it?  No, it won’t, for the same reasons that magazines keep coming in the mail to me.  Because people still like to turn pages.

Am I the only one who likes old-fashioned books?  What are your favorite types of books? 

For those of you who are still allowing yourself to spend money this year and are book freaks like me there are a lot of great low cost book sites.  I will list some of them so that I can live vicariously through you guys!

Half Price Books actually has a website in addition to having local stores all over the place.

www.half.com      (Doesn't exist anymore!) An ebay site.  You are charged shipping per book, but sometimes you can find books as low as 75 cents!  And if you buy more than one book from the same seller, you can get reduced shipping on additional books.  My husband just asked me the other day, “What are all these Half.com purchases?”   Yeah, I use this one a lot.  Shhh!

http://www.ebay.com/     I’m sure everyone already knows this one!  It’s a great place to get books in special lots.  Especially kids books.  I just bought part of a set of a Disney Story Library for Jaycee.  You know the ones that have the Parent’s Guide that has activities and crafts to go with each book?  So excited!

Barnes and Noble online always has a great clearance section also.  Just remember to shop through a rewards site to get cash back too!  Or shop through the BoxTops site and your school will be rewarded with a percentage back.  Win-Win.

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