Workout Wednesday | Bellydancing!

It turns out that I'm not only a bookaholic, but a videoholic also. Every now and then I want some new workout videos and I buy them. I have a lot and they're just sitting in my trunk right now. So, from now on, I'll do a different video each Wednesday and let you guys know about it. If you're bored with your normal workout routine and want to find something new, check me out on Wednesdays. I'll be going through my video trunk and doing something new!  I have everything from Boxing to Hula Dancing, Yoga(including Christian Yoga),Pilates, Tai Chi, Boot Camp, Walking, and Weights.  I will take suggestions on what I should do next!  Let me know if there is something specific you'd like me to do next week.

Today's video is Flex Appeal by Kathy Smith. I love, love, love this video. There are 2 workouts. A 24 minute slow and sensual workout and a 20 minute fast video to pick up the pace and get your heart pumping. There is also a video tutorial on technique with a belly dance expert and a 10 minute stretch session.

In the video they cover basic belly dance moves such as umis, camel, hip circles, snake arms ,etc. And at the end they put it all together to make a dance to which you can follow along. It's fun, different than usual workouts and will help you get in touch with your feminine side! Now, just so that you know, it's not something that's easy the first time you do it. I felt very uncoordinated the first time I did it! But, with practice it becomes more natural and even more fun. It's fun to challenge yourself. Anyone else out there have any videos they could recommend?

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