M & M--The Backstory

It was a dark, stormy night.  . . . Just kidding!  If you've seen my profile, you know my husband and I met on a cruise.  But, that's not quite all of the story. 

This is the week we met.  I'm the one on the far left, he's the second one  from the right.  Look!  He had hair! And I was young, and tan and didn't have "character" lines. 

The night we met was the "formal" night on the cruise.  Although I don't actually consider that the night we met.  My sister, our friend and I were all dressed in black.  We had just walked into a Karaoke lounge.  Mike walked up to us and said in a deep voice, "You ladies want to be my backup singers?".  We laughed in his face and didn't talk to him again that night. 

 7-12-94  The next day we went into Cozumel to go to Tulum and Xelha.  When we were on our way back to the ship, we passed "the boys" on their way into Cozumel.  He and his friend just giggled as they walked past us.   Later that night, we ended up at Carlos and Charlies.  Hubby and his friend were there and that's when we all started talking. 

Hubby is three years younger than me.   So, I just thought of him as a funny young friend.  His friend ended up hooking up with our friend and the five of us ended up spending the rest of the cruise together.

I must tell you that I'm an extremely sentimental person.  So, whenever anything fun ends, I cry.  So, I was crying when I got off the ship.  Incidentally, this ends up being the point in "our" story that hubby says he "knew" he could love me.  He thought that it was so sweet that I cried.  So, we exchanged addresses.   They went back to Ohio.  We went back to central Florida.

My sister, our friend and I went home that day, developed all of our pictures and sent the boys cards.  We wasted no time!

Hubby and I wrote back and forth to each other for a little while and probably talked on the phone a couple times.  I'm sure there might have been a couple months that we didn't talk.  But, eight months after we met, hubby and his friends were coming down to Daytona for Spring Break and he asked if I'd like to meet them there.  I drove home and met my sister and we drove over to Daytona together.  We had a great time that night, but then something happened in the middle of the night and my sister decided to drive back home.  At 2:30 in the morning.  I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to my "future hubby".  So, I left and we went home.   My aunt told me that my mom had been depressed and that maybe I should stay around (instead of going back to Daytona).  It was a hard, hard decision for me.  I decided to go to lunch with my mom and then drove back to Daytona that night.  I ended up spending that night, the next day and the following night in Daytona.

This was in Daytona. March 1995.   Looks like we're into each other, right?  This is still almost 2 years before our first kiss.
After that 3rd night, I drove back to Tallahassee.  And I cried.

We kept in touch by letter and phone again.  But, I believe we actually went a whole year without talking to each other at one point.  He called me one day out of the blue and told me that one of his friends just got a new car and they wanted to go on a roadtrip.  They asked if they could stay with me.  I said "yes".  So, they came down the weekend after Valentine's day in 1997.  This is the weekend we finally had our first kiss.  I don't have a picture from this weekend.  Sorry!

We still kept in touch and decided to meet each other half way, which was Knoxville, TN.  We met in Knoxville in April 1997. 

We were there for three days.  When I left, it was a rainy, gloomy day.  I figured the weather was just mirroring my mood.  I cried for several hours on the way home. 

That was the weekend I fell in love.

After that trip, we talked again and we made plans for me to fly up to Cleveland in June(97) and visit him the week after I moved back home.  At the time, I was leaving Tallahassee and moving home.  He called me in May to tell me that he was seeing someone and that I couldn't come.  I had already bought the plane ticket.  I was so sad, I cried for hours.  Days. Weeks. Months. 

I moved home in June.  A couple weeks after I moved home, I received a check from him for the amount of the plane ticket.  No letter.  Just a check.  That made it seem so much more real.  And it sucked.  But, there was one point, when  I thought to myself, "If this is the end of our time together in this life, then I'll see him in the next one."  I became okay with it.  I felt like we were soulmates.  And like I said, I'd see him in "the next life".  Whatever that might have been.  Hey, I was young(ish).

In March of '98, I ended up calling him for some reason or another.  I believe to tell him that my sister was getting married.  We ended up talking again.  We became friends again.  We talked for several months again.  Then, in January of '99 I asked him "where he thought this was going" and he told me "well, I think you're great, I just don't feel anything for you"   And we didn't talk again.  If you're counting, this was the second time he broke my heart.

I moved on, had other boyfriends.  And then he called me one night and told me that "He had been thinking about me".  I think I hung up on him.  I called him back a couple nights later asking "What the @%#* was he thinking, calling me telling me that he had been thinking about me!!"  I didn't think it was fair!  I had moved on.  This was in April of '99.

But, we started talking again after I called him in May to tell him that I got my belly button pierced.  You can find that story HERE.  And sometime between August and December, we decided that he should come down to celebrate the new "millenium" with me.  My family actually took bets against whether or not he would actually show up!  He did show up.  And we had a great time. 

 The three days went very quickly.  And he had to leave me at 6:00 in the morning on the morning he left.  And he walked out the door.  And I cried. 

Less than two weeks later, on January 15th, 2000, I decided that I was never going to say goodbye to him again.  I was going to visit him in Cleveland.  For a year.  My family and friends thought I was crazy.  But, no one tried to stop me.   We decided that I would move up Easter weekend 2000.  It was in late April that year. 

In October 2001, I got dressed in the dress that I wore the night he asked me to be his "Back-up" singer (it still fit, kind of)  and asked if we could get married on the anniversary of the day we met.  In November of 2001, I came home so that I could go wedding dress shopping with my mom, sister and best friend.  He asked me to marry him on December 24th, 2001.  Yes, I got the dress before he gave me the ring.  But, we both knew it was going to happen.

On July 12th, 2002, I married my soulmate.  And on July 13th, we had our Luau reception!

WEll, there you have it!  Our backstory.  Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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