DIY Easter Egg Tulle "Tutu" Wreath

This is an easy to make DIY Tulle Easter Wreath.  The colors could easily be changed to make a wreath for any holiday!  It was so easy my 4 year old was able to help. 

I wanted to make an Easter wreath and was thinking of trying to do something with Easter grass.  So, Future Fashionista and I headed to the craft store to see what we could come up with.  I ended up getting a wire wreath frame and thought tulle might be cute.  I did it the same way you would do a tutu.  My pictures are not the greatest!  Bear with me, please.  What I used:
18" wire wreath frame, such as:
2 spools of tulle, such as:
curling ribbon in various colors, such as:
1 package(10) Plastic Easter eggs with holes at the ends

Cut the tulle in lengths of about 6 inches.  Mine started to get a little longer toward the end.  Make a loop with the cut tulle.

Stick the loop under the wire and pull the ends through to make a "knot".

To put the eggs on, fold the curling ribbon in half and poke through one of the holes in the "fat" half of the egg so that you can make a knot on the inside. 

Tie the egg onto one of the wires.

Here is the finished wreath!

Here it is lying down as a candle wreath.

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For your convenience you can find craft supplies at Amazon.

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