Our adventures with Flat Mamarazzi

Well, you guys know we went on our looooong road trip.  But, did you know that Flat Mamarazzi went with us?  We let her tag along.  Sounds like she's been getting around quite a bit lately!  Lucky girl.  You can see all of Mamarazzi's adventures at her blog "Dandelion Wishes" 


I hope she had a good time with us on her trip to the Keys.  She did go through every state from Ohio to Florida with us, but our first stop was in West Virginia at the Bob Evans for breakfast.  We left bright and early at 5:30 in the morning.  So, by 10:00, we were all starving!  I think she really wanted some of this chocolate cake!

We stayed in the car through Virginia and North Carolina.  But, in South Carolina we had to stop on the side of the road and take a potty break.  She decided to stretch her legs.

We stopped in Georgia also.  This was our last stop before we got to Florida.  Literally.  We were one mile from the border.  Could you get me to Florida please!! 

When we got to Florida it was late.  It was almost midnight.  So, Flat Mamarazzi met my parents and called it a night.  The next day she got ready for the barbecue.  Here she is next to the grill!  Watch out Mamarazzi!!!

Two days later we drove to the Keys.  Mamarazzi was checking out the niiiiiice balcony!

After we talked to our "roomies" for a while, we all decided to go to Keys Fisheries for a little dinner and cocktails.  They have a Lobster Reuben that apparently is to die for!  I had Key Lime Mahi, which was wonderful!

I don't know if Flat Mamarazzi enjoyed her Corona, but I know I did! 

After dinner, she decided to hang out with the fish.

Two days later, we decided to go down and spend the night in Key West.  I think Flat Mamarazzi likes them tall, GREEN and handsome.  He was a real sweet talker.  Although, apparently he bites.

At the end of the road.  Or the end of the rainbow as they say in the Keys.  Mile Marker Zero.  Flat Mamarazzi has been to the Southernmost point in the US. Kind of. 

The End.

Hope you had fun, Flat Mamarazzi!!  You can follow the rest of her adventures through Mamarazzi's blog at
"Dandelion Wishes"

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