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I saw this fun post over at "Our Homeschool Reviews".  I tried to go back to where she found it, only to find that they found it on someone else's blog who found it on someone else's blog who found it on someone else's blog, who . . . and I assume that it goes on and on and on and I don't have any idea who originally started it.  But, it sounds fun! 

So, here's where I've been.  Some of the states I went to before I met my husband--okay, well only 2 besides the state that I'm from.  Everywhere else I've gone to after I met my husband.  Heck!  The first time I flew on a real jet was after I moved to Ohio!  When I was 30!  So, I didn't travel much before I met my husband.  Although, if you remember or have read our "backstory", we did meet on a cruise.

I didn't include the states that we've driven through, but did not stay overnight in on our trip to FL.   Here are a few of the places that I really, really enjoyed.

1. San Diego, CA--It was the first place that hubby and I went together when I first moved up.  I have always had a fascination with CA my whole life.  Going to CA did nothing to change that.  Still loved it.  We went back for our honeymoon.  Still haven't made it to Northern California.  Can't wait for that trip!

2.  Moab, Utah--We went out to Utah in October the year I got pregnant with The Builder.  We had the trip planned and we were trying to get pregnant, but didn't know I was actually going to be pregnant for the trip.  My husband never wants to go on a vacation while I'm pregnant again.  Well, not that that's possible anymore!  We went for a BASE trip.  We flew into Colorado for a few days and went to see the Royal Gorge bridge.  I was terrified! 

He jumped off the cliffs with his parachute.  I video-taped him and called him an idiot(I was pregnant, I was nervous)  He and I did manage to go off by ourselves one time for a tour. 

(This is Moab from the Colorado River)
 We love going on tours.  And I even got to see a real Kokopelli drawing/carving on a cliff wall. 

(more cliff carvings)
 I love Kokopelli.

  He's so whimsical.  Moab is absolutely gorgeous!!!

3.  Badlands, South Dakota--This was when we went on our two week road trip with the kids.  The Builder was 4 and Future Fashionista was 18 months.  It was so much fun.  We went to WI first.  Had lots of fun there visiting a cave, a winery and the Wisconsin Dells. 

 And we stayed at Staybridge Suites, which we loved!  I always try to seek out this hotel chain now.  We then drove to eastern South Dakota and stayed in Sioux Falls for a night. 

 So pretty.  Then we finally made it to the Badlands. 

(Check out The Builder's goofy face!--He made a face in almost every picture on this vacation)
 We stayed at a motel in which we were actually scared to take our shoes off.  We stayed there 2 nights and then told the people we wouldn't need our last 2 nights.  They said they couldn't refund us.  We said "fine".  We didn't care. 

(That Bison had JUST walked right in front of our van on the road)
 The motel wasn't that expensive and we decided to go over to the Black Hills area to be closer to Mt. Rushmore.  Went to Deadwood, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

  I'm a fan of Crazy Horse on Facebook now and love seeing the updates!  And we were actually in Deadwood for "Wild Bill Hickok Days".  Sooooo much fun. 

4.  Grand Canyon, AZ--I loooooved the Grand Canyon.  When we went on our honeymoon to San Diego, we also went to Arizona.  We got a little red convertible and drove from CA to AZ. 

Stopped in Lake Havasu, where it was really hot and windy.  But, I loved it.  And the original London Bridge was there!  

 Then we went to the Grand Canyon for a night.  We were only there for less than 24 hours and asked the concierge the best thing to do in a short amount of time.  We ended up doing a Helicopter/Jeep tour.  I was extremely nervous to get on the helicopter, but it was wonderful! 

 I actually cried as we passed over the edge from the forest into the canyon.  Then, the pilot scared me half to death when I didn't think we were going to make it over a wall.  But, it was well worth the money and the fear! 

It's so hard to get a good picture of the Grand Canyon because it's so immense.  And it's nothing like you have pictured in your head before you go!  It's amazing!

The next day I was up at 5:00 in the morning.  I walked to McDonalds by myself and woke hubby when I got back.  We went into the park again to see it one last time before we left.  There was nobody else there yet because it was so early.  It was so quiet and peaceful.   And we drove through Sedona on our way back to CA.  Absolutely beautiful!

5.  I've said enough now!  Everywhere hubby and I have been, we have loved.  And most places we would go back in a heartbeat.  But, there are still places we haven't been.  Places to be explored. 

There you have it!  If you'd like to make your own map and play along, you can find one "here".

I'd love to see where you've all been.  If you're going to play along, let me know so I can come see!!

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