Excited for warmer weather!

The weather is planning on teasing us this weekend!  It's possibly going to be in the 80's!!!  Woo Hoo!  I love when it starts to get warmer.  We have friends who live close and we become a lot more active once the weather warms up.  And we usually car-pool which is nice, except that Future Fashionista is still in her good ol'  cosco car seat.  I can NOT wait until she can be in a booster seat.  We still have 2 - 3 pounds to go.  I'm about ready to go feed her.  The girl already asks for food no less than 20 times a day.  I guess I should start feeding her every time she asks so that we can get her into a booster quicker.   It's so much easier moving a booster back and forth than it is a car seat.  I goofed when The Builder turned 4 and put him in a booster seat RIGHT when he turned 4.  We went to his 6 year appointment last year and he had just turned 40 pounds.  He's built like me!  Poor little guy.  Oh well! 

When it gets warm and we start carpooling with our friends, we like to go to the zoo, the Science museum (although we can do that in the winter) and  the metroparks.  Cleveland has a great Metropark system.  Although in the spring it rains a lot and since the ground is still wet from melting snow, it's a muddy, mucky mess.  Future Fashionista has to wear her toddler rain boots.  The Builder just wears his snow boots.  He wore his snow boots an entire summer one year when he was in a "cowboy phase", so he's used to it!  I definitely need to get some hiking boots or something.  I ruined a pair of running shoes one year while we were hiking.  My husband and I went to Hocking Hills the week of our anniversary and it had been raining for a week!  Definitely need to invest in some hiking boots.  But muddy or not, I can't wait to get outside again!

What warm weather things are you looking forward to?

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