Friday Fragments

Saw this on someone else's blog and thought I'd join in!

It's hosted by Mrs. 4444 at "Half-Past Kissin' Time"

Mommy's Idea

***My husband had been working 12 hour shifts since last Wednesday(including Saturday & Sunday).  I thought I would have to take Future Fahionista with me to The Builder's Ice Skating lesson on Monday, but he got home in time to watch Future Fashionista at home!  Yippee!  It's so much easier without her.  And The Builder did great!
***Tuesday night FF's preschool had a "Mom's night".  The preschoolers take their mom up to the school and they have different activity stations set up.  TB had to go with us.  We all had fun.  They both painted my nails.  I don't usually wear fingernail polish, so I picked a clear glitter polish. 
***Wednesday FF had a field trip to a Dance Studio.  It was so stinkin' cute!!  I loved this place.  They did a little bit of everything--Hip hop, Tap, Ballet.  They were talking about the french words and everything!  They even talked about "expressions".  It was a fun, fun class.   And they were all so cute.  They were singing songs and the teacher said, "Let's see who can sing as loud as FF".  FF sings loud.  Really, really loud.  I wish I had video from their Christmas program.  I laughed so hard I cried.
***I had my eye doctor appointment on Monday and for the second time in 3 years, my prescription has gotten better!  Apparently, I had the type of eye problem that starts in puberty, gradually gets worse until your 30's, and starts getting better when you're in your late 30's.  Actually, it's because of my astigmatism.  But, whatever, the prescription is lower.  It was -3.75 in my left eye at one time and now it's -2.75. 
***FF told me that she wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up.  And then a mother.  I asked her why she wants to be a mother, she said "So that I can put them to bed and rock them and kiss them and hug them and read to them"  I guess I should be flattered.  She thinks this mommy gig is okay?
***My husband's 12 hour shifts actually ended on Tuesday night.  He was home at a normal time yesterday.   Today (thursday) he worked a normal shift, but got called to go back in at 7:00 tonight.  It's 11:30 and he's still not home.  He has to be up at 4:45 in the morning, no matter what time he gets home tonight, to go back to work.  Boo! 

I linked up at "Half-Past Kissin' Time"--Don't you just adore the name of that blog?
Mommy's Idea

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