I had 2 Kid-Free Hours!

Yesterday, My mother-in-law wanted to take my son to the movies for his birthday.  She was going to take Future Fashionista, too.  I was going to go with them, but decided I could really use the time to run errands.  Running errands kid-free is a wonderful, wonderful thing!  I was able to return something to Target, return stuff to the library, go to GFS to reload basics for this week, make a deposit at the bank, go to the post office and get a Frappe from McDonald's and read for 45 minutes!!  It was wonderful!  And it is absolutely amazing what you can get done when you don't have those 4 little feet and 4 little hands all over everything! 

  I could actually appreciate seeing the very first Tulips of the season!!!  I was able to take my time in the store and didn't have to answer questions that have no answers in the drive-thru line at the bank.  As a mommy it is so important to be able to have time to ourselves.  But, it's hard to take that time for whatever reason.  Sometimes we even feel guilty taking it!!  And look at me, I ran errands!  But, I did have that 45 minutes to read.  My wish for all of you is that you are able to have a little "alone" time soon. 

When you get alone time how do you usually spend it?    And now the REAL question:   If you were able to take alone time how would you really WANT to spend it? 

I would like to get a massage!

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