I love Field Trips!

The fun thing about having a preschool to Kindergarten aged child is the field trips!  This is The Builder's 4th year in school, even though he is in Kindergarten.  So far, in the past 4 years, between both kids, we've been to 2 different nature centers (2 times each), a "backyard preserve", a candy store, a butcher ( to make sausage), a grocery store, a bowling alley, 3 different dance studios, 3 different farms, a firestation and a gymnastics class.  And that's just the ones I can remember.  I know that in his 3 year class at the co-op, we (the parents) were required to attend at least 3 and in his 4 year class we were required to attend at least 4.  So, between both kids, I figure that's probably around 18 field trips already.
  I remember going on field trips when I was little.  I remember the process, not the actual trips!  I remember my mom was a stay at home mom when we were younger.  We would pile ourselves into the good ol' HUGE brown Chevy van.  You know the ones with the bed in back that was covered in carpet?  Anyone?  The one with no seatbelts?  We would all pile into my mom's van and crank the KISS.  Boy was my childhood different than my kids!  They of course have to be in a booster seat until they are 8 and 80 pounds now.  We sat on the carpeted "bench" that was part of the carpeted bed.  My kids listen to a Christian station.  We listened to KISS.  Apparently my parents had no problems with us listening to that kind of music.  I don't really remember anything by them now.  But, when I do hear a song, I think "Wow!  Our parents let us listen to that!?!  When we were in Kindergarten?!?" 
  Anyway!! (You know I love that phrase).  The Builder and I had a field trip to one of the local nature centers yesterday.  Here are some pics!

The Naturalist kept saying "I wouldn't stick my hand in that hole.  Don't stick your hand in that hole!"

Looking for stuff on the ground.

This turkey was cracking us up!  He would stand there and then after all the kids were watching him, he would "gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble" and puff himself up and the kids would jump back and laugh hysterically.

They have a huge hollowed out tree trunk the kids can crawl through.  This was taken through one of the holes in the side.

Coming out the other end.

After the field trip we had a "Top Secret" trip to the mall for a Mommy-Builder date.  We had Cinnabon!!  Yummy!  We tried to get our pictures taken at one of those little photo booths.  They would have been good pictures too!  But, the darn thing was out of ink.  Except for yellow.  We had yellow pictures!  I was going to call the number and complain.  But I haven't yet.  So, we tried to get a picture in the van.

Everyone have a wonderful Saturday!
What was your favorite field trip with your child?  Or AS a child if you don't have your own children yet?

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