The kind of "Home" we live in

I have never been a very organized person.  Not when it comes to my living space.  I wish I could be more organized, but I'm not.  I'm creative.  I believe creativity is born out of chaos.  So, you would think I might not get upset when I see my childrens' rooms look like this:

When I walk into their rooms and they look like this, I don't know whether to laugh, scream or cry.  Or do all three.  But, then I remember that I think "creativity is born of chaos" and I see the things that come out of this mess.  Like this Easter garland we made:
OR, this "jam session"
Or, the absolutely brilliant LEGO creations Logan makes
Or the adventures that they go on in the backyard.
Or, the crazy things we are for Halloween
So, if you're looking for creativity, off-the-wall kid pictures and just overall craziness, this is the blog for you.  But, if you're looking for tips for organization, you're in the wrong place!!  Because, I'd like to be more organized, but I'm 40 years old.  So, let's face it.  It's probably not gonna happen.

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