Looking for Guest Bloggers and "Experts"

Well, you guys have seen my kids' crazy messy bedrooms HERE.  And you can read about how I am going to try to make my husband a priority HERE, and my kids a priority HERE.  Throw in everyday activities and this blog, and I'm still rather unbalanced.  I just can't seem to get it all together!!  I know that we all have different priorities and different things that we are dealing with in life.  I would like to share other people's stories about how they are trying to find balance in their life. 

I would also like to get "experts" who would like to give tips for each person's area in which they feel they need help.  For example, Heidi Homemaker is a wonderful cook and loves to spend time with her kids and husband, but the housework suffers.  Miss Organization expert can give Heidi Homemaker tips for organization at the end of the post.  I would coordinate our Guest poster's need with tips from one of our "experts".  If you guys think this sounds like a good idea and would like to introduce yourself to us by being a Guest poster let me know!  And if you feel that you have an area of expertise that you would like to share, let me know that also.  We ALL have strengths and weaknesses.  Here are some areas of expertise:
Kids' Activities
Finding Spiritual Balance
Work/Family Balance
Blog help
Anything else~~It's not limited to the above.  What is YOUR area of expertise?

Anyone can be a Featured Guest poster and anybody can be an expert.  Just email me at Heartfeltbalancehandmadelife (at) yahoo (dot) com with "Guest post" or "Expert" in the subject field. 
I'm thinking of calling it "Moms helping Moms Monday".  You don't have to be a mom, that's just what I'm going to call it!  And you can be both a Guest poster and an expert. . .  just not on the same Monday, because nobody is perfect at everything!!!

Please see my "Thankful Thursday" post below.  This is my second post today.  Everyone have a wonderful Thursday and let me know what you think about this idea. 

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