Plaster of Paris Art Project | A Mommy/Daughter Collaboration

OR, the Easter Egg project that turned into a Super-Frilly, Girly wall-hanging.

Well, this project started the way any of my other projects do. . .starting with one idea and ending up with something totally different.  I was attempting to see if I could make a plaster of paris egg by using a plastic Easter egg as mold.  I'm sure there is a way to do it, but we failed.  You should have seen my friend and I trying to fill and close this egg!  We had plaster of paris all over ourselves and the floor.  Okay, it wasn't that bad, but my friend had it in her hair.  Since we had the plaster of paris out, we used the rest of it to make "mosaics". 
     I filled small plastic disposable plates with the plaster of paris and we pushed small "found" objects into it to create our masterpieces.  Future Fashionista and I each made our own.  Lisa was making her own, but then her son decided to help her. 

(Lisa and Jack's art)

(the beginning of mine)

(Future Fashionista's--She informed me it is supposed to be a face)

(After I added a lot more beads to give it more of a "mosaic" feel, it's ready to dry!--Let it dry 1 or 2 days)

Once we were done with our masterpieces, I decided we needed a way to "display" them.  I thought maybe I could set them into something to hang them on a wall.  I thought that if I could carve out foam the size of the little pieces of artwork, that I could set them down in and hang it on the wall.  I was going to do each one separate, but ended up doing them together on one piece of foam, because they fit.
Here's how we did everything!
First I traced the shape of the plaques onto the foam.  Then I used a razor to cut down.  Then I scraped down until I reached the depth that I needed to fit the plaque.  I used my Pampered Chef scraper to get it a little more even.
You are definitely going to need one of these after this step!!

After the holes were set, I measured a piece of fabric that could be glued onto the foam. I didn't get fancy here.  I set the foam on the fabric and cut around it.
Then I put the fabric over the front of the foam to mark where I needed to cut out for the holes.

I glued the fabric down.  I pinned one side down to make it easier on myself.  After the front of the fabric was glued on, I glued in the plaques. 

Once the plaques were in and dry, I glued the sides and back of the fabric to the foam.  Then I decorated it so that it would be Super-girly for Future Fashionista's room!  I love Ric-Rac!!
Everyone have a super-crafty, fantabulous, wonderful Friday!!  It's almost the weekend!!!

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