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My hubby likes to get up early on Saturday sometimes and takeThe Builder out for pancakes.  They usually try to get up early enough that Future Fashionista doesn't know.  But, this morning, TB went into FF's room and said "FF, stay in your room." and then tried to sneak out.  I heard hubby's truck start and FF walking through the house saying, "Brother?  Brother?"  Since The Builder and Daddy were going to have their treat, Mommy and Future Fashionista decided to make Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  Ha!  Take that, Men!
You can find my Chocolate Chip Pancake recipe here:

Mine turned out a little thick and puffy today.  I think I'm going to add more liquid or less baking powder to this recipe!  Maybe it's the Baking Powder--it's like baking powder on steroids!

Awww. . . Coffee and Chocolate Pancakes!~~~~~Simply Saturday!

And the "Cheese and Butter Monster" Strikes Again!  Some day I'll learn!

You can see more of the "Cheese and Butter Monster"'s adventures here:  "Why NOT to leave the butter on the counter and walk away" and

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!!

I'm going to try to make another post today about an Easter Craft that we're doing!!  Tulips from Plastic Easter eggs.  See you then!

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