So, this is Friday night. . .

. . . when you are 40, married and have 2 kids. Yesterday, I made a decision to take the kids to Little Gym for their "Parent's Night Out" that they have.  I didn't have any plans other than that.  I figured my husband and I could get some things done, like color my hair. . . or sleep.  I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and the kids have been on Spring Break and I'm just tired! 

But, my husband decided that we would go out to dinner.  Nothing fancy, thank goodness, because I didn't have a bit of makeup on and well, my hair needs to be colored.  And I was wearing a Tinkerbell sweatshirt and didn't feel like changing clothes.  We went to one of our favorite Mexican places at the exact perfect time, because when we got out there were many, many people waiting to get in.  

After dinner, we went to. . . drumroll please. . . Home Depot!  How's that for a night out on the town?  We are hopefully going to start our addition this year and we wanted to check out some things.   We were there for a little time and then we drove around.  He wanted to stop and get a drink somewhere, but I didn't feel like getting out of the van again.  

There was a time in my life when I wanted to go out every Friday night.  In fact, I would get anxious if we weren't out somewhere.  My stepmom told us back then that we would grow out of that and that there would eventually be a time when we wouldn't want to go out any more.  We didn't believe her.  But, last night, I would have been perfectly happy sitting in the van in the parking lot, waiting for my kids to be done.  Then we went home, put Future Fashionista in bed and  I watched a movie.  So, I haven't had a chance yet to stop by everyone's blog who has joined my blog hop!  I will get to everyone though, so please be patient with me!!  I think I need to go to bed now.  And if you haven't joined the hop yet, there's still time.  The linky will be open until Midnight Sunday!!  

What were your Friday plans?  

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