Spring Kid Craft | Tulips from Plastic Eggs

Well!  I'm finally gonna get this posted!
This is a Kid's craft, but it requires parental help and supervision.
What you need:
  • The "long" end of plastic Easter eggs.  I looked through our mismatched ones and found the ones that had 2 holes in the end.  (The holes that they put in the end so that kids don't suck it onto their face and suffocate).  They usually have at least one hole.  You have to find the ones that have 2.
  • Green Wire--I used 20 gauge
  • sticks from the yard
  • Green floral tape
  • Tissue Paper ( I used the same color as each egg)
  • Glue--I used Mod Podge (my first time!)
  • Yellow Pipe Cleaners
Start by threading the wire through the holes on the bottom of the egg so that the "loop" is on the inside of the egg.
Wrap the wires around the stick with the stick close to the end of the egg.

Cut 4 petal shapes for each tulip.  Paint glue onto 1/4 of the egg and glue one petal on.  Continue around the egg until all 4 petals are on.  It doesn't matter if your tulip petal shape isn't perfect.  I trimmed mine after they were dry to the shape that I wanted.

Once the petals are dry, wrap the floral tape starting up as close to the top of the wire/stick/egg as possible and wrap all the way down the stick and back up again. ( don't have a picture of doing this, but here's what it looks like!)
Trim your petals and stick a yellow pipe cleaner through the "loop" made by the green wire.  Twist the pipe cleaners a little and "roll" the top.

Put them in a pretty vase and display them!   
 We used the spool from our rolls of tulle that we used for our "Easter Egg Tutu Wreath".

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