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It's Thankful Thursday again!  And I would like to start by saying "Thank You" to 3 lovely ladies for awarding me with the Versatile Blogging Award!  Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!  Of course, most of you know how this works.  I need to Thank the people who have given it to me.  Then I need to tell you 7 *New* Facts about myself and pass it on to 15 newly found bloggers.  I'm going to wait to pass it on until I can find 15 new-to-me bloggers, because I fell asleep watching Modern Family last night.  At 9:20.  Which means I didn't spend any extra time reading blogs last night.  Sooooooo, I'll post those in a different post when I get a chance.

Thank you to:

7 *New* Facts--This is getting harder and harder!
  1. That picture in my "About Me" spot--It's 2 years old.  I no longer have a boy-short cut.  But, the older I get the less photogenic I am and I can't find another picture I like!
  2. I received the "Grew the Most" award in Kindergarten.  I grew 4 inches that year.  They thought I was going to be really tall.  I ended up being 5'5 1/2".  Now, I think I'm shrinking.
  3. I would have been a great dancer or piano player or anything else, if I wouldn't have quit because I was so terrified of performing in front of people.  I also can NOT do public speaking.  I used to skip my presentations in college.  If I did do them, I had to wear a turtleneck so that people wouldn't see how red and splotchy I turn. 
  4. I am not a morning person.  I've been forced to be this way.  If I had my choice, I would stay up until 1:00 in the morning and sleep until 9:00.  My son is the same way.
  5. I don't like driving through big cities.  It freaks me out.  But, I drove through Atlanta at lunch time to meet Mike in Knoxville (about half way between Tallahassee and Cleveland).  It's amazing what I will do for Love!
  6. Speaking of Tallahassee, I lived there 9 years.  It took me 8 years to finish college--my dad quit paying and I got a full time job and went back to school part time until I finished.  I stayed an extra year after that.  I love Tallahassee!!!
  7. I never thought I'd have kids.  When I was really, really young (think Junior High), I was going to be a "yuppie" living in a penthouse in NYC or Miami.  With NO husband and NO kids.  Now, here I am in Cleveland, in a suburb, with a husband, NO job and 2 kids.  And I've never set foot in NYC.  Such is life.  Boy, does it take crazy turns!
I feel like I've typed a lot already, so everyone have a wonderful Thankful Thursday!!
I'll post my newly found 15 blogs when I get a chance.
What are YOU thankful for today?

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