What I hope my kids learn

I took a parenting class at my church last year and one of our assignments was to list everything that we hope our kids know by the time they are out on their own.  I have no idea where my list is, but I know it was long.  I thought I would list some things again here.  I've separated them into Household, Money, Relationships, Spiritual.  This is MY list.  I'm sure you might have different things on your list!

  • Know how to cook everything--especially how to bake--it saves so much money and it's fun to be able to personalize things and be creative.
  • Know how to build basic things--Daddy is a carpenter--this should help!
  • Know how to sew
  • Know how to grow a garden--mommy is STILL learning how to do this--I have a black thumb
  • Know how to can & preserve food--Something else mommy is still learning how to do--We'll learn together!! I have a canner and a dehydrator (that are still in their boxes!)
  • Keep your house organized--it makes life less stressful--I should know--Mine is a mess!  And I'm stressed! 
  • Starting with your very first job, save 10% of your money in a savings account.  Do NOT touch it, unless you're moving it into another type of account that will earn you more money.
  • Do not go into debt while you're still in college.  If you can't afford it, don't buy it!
  • Check your free credit score each and every year.  Always know what's going on with your accounts and what the credit bureaus have listed as what's going on--sometimes it's wrong.  You want to be able to take care of it right away so that it doesn't affect your score.
  • Maintain good personal credit.  As above, you need to keep a good credit score.  It affects your cost of everything from car insurance to car payments and home loans.  A higher credit score will save you thousands in your lifetime.
  • Don't be afraid of the stock market--but do your own research.  Don't let other people tell you what to do.
  • And finally, Money isn't everything!!  People are more important than money.
  • Love with all of your heart
  • Learn how to "fight fair"--You WILL disagree with people--learn how to do it respectfully.
  • Learn how to compromise
  • Learn to say "I'm sorry" and mean it!
(Remember, these are what I want my kids to learn)
  • Pray every day.  Pray to say "Thank you".  Pray for guidance 
  • Trust God--this one is hard sometimes, okay, a lot of times--but it will make your life better.  He has a plan for everything.  Sometimes, we might not understand what it is that He's trying to teach us. 
  • Read your Bible
  • Love God with all your heart
And finally,
"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth."
— William W. Purkey

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