Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids

Another great slideshow from Better Homes and Gardens!! 

 Since we are still stuck inside because of all of this crazy rain that just doesn't seem to want to go away, these crafts are looking pretty cute!  Here are the ones that caught my eye!  (They aren't individual links, click the link below that says "Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids" and look through) 

#6~~Tubular Bracelet~~Super cute!  I'll have to buy some tubing sometime!
#7~~Decoupage vase~~I have the tissue paper and Mod podge.  Just need cheap dollar store vases.
#8~~Hanging Stars~~I think the kids would like these to hang in their rooms
#12~~Nature Tic-Tac-Toe Board~~Logan already likes to drag sticks and rocks in from outside.  They might as well make use of themselves.
#14~~Heart Garland~~I'm such a girly-girl.
#18~~Funky Moon Rocks~~Daddy has piles and piles of rocks right now.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind us borrowing a few.
#25~~Chirping Cricket~~Have most of the stuff at home already.
#29~~Big Hug Greeting Card~~I think this would be cute to do for Father's Day cards.
#31~~Playful Garden Plaques~~Not too sure about quick-set concrete, but, eh. . .
#32~~Rubber Band Band~~Any kind of homemade music is fun!
#33~~More homemade music instruments.  Fun!

Hope you enjoy this link as much as I did!  Which are your favorites?

Click This Link ==>  Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids    : )

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