Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Here to wish everyone a very, very Happy Memorial Day Weekend.    I will be back to make a new post and catch up with everyone on Tuesday!  In the meantime, I'll be coming up with a new frozen adult beverage recipe.  If it turns out, I will share it!  We are also going to be trying a Guacamole Sausage from one of the butcher shops around here that specializes in "different" sausages.  It sounds yummy!  It has guacamole, jalapenos and cheddar cheese.  Sooooo looking forward to it!  I've cut up canteloupe and pineapple to stick in the freezer for a nice frozen treat, since it's finally going to be in the 90's here!  The kids are hanging in the back yard with the neighbor girl.  The hammock's up.  And Mike is clearing off the back porch since he's planning on tearing it down sometime soon.  I sure will miss it during the summer time this year, but it is for the bigger plan. 

Everyone have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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