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Happy Monday!  I am just going to do an update post today.  I hope everyone is doing well!!!  Today around here the weather is just yucko!  It "feels like" 37 degrees right now.  The high is supposed to be 49 degrees with a 60% chance of rain.  This has been the rainiest spring I remember in a long time.  My husband made the comment last week that we had more sunshine in the winter than we have had in the spring so far.  And that's saying a lot living in Cleveland, where I think the average days of sunshine in the winter is 10.   
I was planning on switching the clothes out last week and didn't get a chance yet.  So. . .  I don't guess it really matters at this point!  But, when I do get a chance I'll be weeding through them all to donate.  I've been trying to go through everything and purge.  I have a pile of stuff now that I need to go donate, but I want to make sure I have everything first

Jaycee has been making it easy for me to purge her room lately.  She's been so ornery that I just keep taking stuff away from her!  A couple weeks ago she wanted to cut her pony's hair.  So, she asked for scissors.  I told her "No", of course.  I didn't want a big pile of pink and gold hair everywhere and a bald pony.  And this is what happened one of the times before when she had scissors.  She was supposed to be taking a nap one day last August while I was helping Logan clean his room.  Anyway, here's the pictures.

The child is "spirited", to say the least.  This is when she ended up with her pixie cut.  After I told her "No" about the pony 2 weeks ago, she went to her room and barracaded herself in.  So, there was a big mess.  The next day, all of the mess still wasn't cleaned.  So, I asked her to clean it and she yelled, "You do it!".  At that point, I went and grabbed 2 garbage bags and started "cleaning".  I went through all of her art/craft/coloring book drawers and purged.  I made her choose which Barbies she wanted to keep and I threw half of her dress up clothes away (donation bag).  She lost half of her stuff that day!  I think daddy put 2 of the garbage bags in the attic or somewhere.  Truthfully, I wasn't ready to get rid of all of that stuff yet, but I needed her to know that I meant business!

Also happening around here, Mike is gathering all of the stuff that we need for the addition on our house.  He's slowly gathering concrete blocks, wood, stone.  We have piles of construction stuff everywhere!  He really wants to get the addition started this year.  When we moved here, we moved from a 2100 sqare foot house to a 1400 square foot house.  Neither house had a basement, so storage is always fun!  He is itching to have his own place where the kids can't touch/move/ruin his stuff.  So, he is extremely focused on getting the construction out of the ground.

Today is my last "alone" day with Logan.  Wednesday will be Jaycee's last day.  I love the short preschool years.  Tonight Logan will probably have his last ice-skating class, since he seems like he has been losing interest.  Tomorrow night though, we'll be going to an information meeting for Cub Scouts.  So, hopefully we can get him into that and it will be something that he likes.  This summer, Jaycee will be moving up into the "advanced" 4 and 5 year old gymnastics class.  I always thought she would be good at gymnastics, as she is built like my husband--solid muscle.  She's the strongest little thing I've ever seen.  I, on the other hand, can't make a muscle to save my life!  Guess who's built like me?  Logan.  Poor little guy.  My husband and I always joked that if we had a boy, he would probably be like me and that if we had a girl, she would be like him.  Ummm. . . yep!  That's exactly what happened.  You can read about my thoughts on "genetics" HERE"

I think I made it to everyone on the "Sit and Relax" linky list to share some bloggy love!  Today sometime, I'll add all of the extra "votes" for those of you who added the button to your blog and choose next week's "Featured Blogger".  Thanks to everyone who linked up with us!

I'm working on a couple crafts, if I ever actually get off the computer and work on the crafts!  I'll post pictures once they are done.

That's the updates for now!  Everyone have a wonderful Monday.  What do you have going on?
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