Help Save a Child--Urgent Request |Posting it forward

As bloggers, we have an ability to get information to a lot of people.   Some of us might only have 100 followers or might have as many as 10,000.  The thing is, your followers have followers.  And their followers have followers.  So, the power to spread information is incredible!!!  Kelly from "I've become my Mother" is asking for people to read and re-post one of her posts about Bone Marrow transplants.  She has a friend whose daughter was just diagnosed with Myelodysplasia.  And neither her friend nor the husband are matches for bone marrow.   They are asking for people to spread the word about being donors.  You can find out more about Haley in Kelly's post "Help Save a Child--Urgent Request"  and learn more about becoming a Bone Marrow donor in her post "Be a Donor--Save a Life--An Urgent Request".  Kelly is also asking that people retweet, join Hayley's Facebook page  and post these articles on their blogs.
Praying for Haley and her family!

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