DIY Construction Paper Pinwheels | Red, White & Blue Pinwheel Bouquet

I've been wanting to make homemade pinwheels with the kids.  

So, I looked up instructions online.  I found some instructions "HERE".  <==These instructions use a push-pin and a pencil with an eraser.  It actually worked pretty well.  There are also instructions out there that suggest using a straw and a brass fastener (brads, or so my husband says).  I could not find the fasteners at any drugstores and never made it to an office supply store.  So, I took some of the fasteners off a folder I had.  The fastener/straw combination definitely doesn't work as well as the pushpin/pencil combo.

When I was in a CVS, I was looking at some pinwheels and it looked to me like a flexible straw would work if I could find something to attach to the front.  So, I ended up hot-gluing a button to the front of mine and a  little craft spool to the back.  These don't blow as well, but I was planning on using them for decoration only.  Truthfully, the ones that blew the best were the ones with the pushpin/pencil.  I don't suggest them for a child that would pull it apart or for children under 3. 

Here are the pictures of the Memorial Day Pinwheel Centerpiece from a couple different angles and with different combinations of pinwheels.

Truthfully, I couldn't get anything that I absolutely loved, but  I figured someone else might be able to take the idea and run with it!  I think it might be cute with some silver curlies peeking out between pinwheels. 


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