If today was your last day, how would you live it?

 Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that people are out there claiming that tomorrow will be Judgement day.  Without getting into any of the religious facets of this (and NO, I do not believe that tomorrow is the last day), how would you live your life? 
As I started writing this, my son came into the office.  I promptly told him "Good Morning, you're not usually up this early.  This is mommy time.  Let mommy finish this."  If it was our last day together, would I have said the same thing?  I hope not!!  And what an appropriate reminder for my current task of writing this post.  I probably would go in to wake him up early and risk him being moody and yelling at me. (He's like me--not a morning person)  I would risk that just to have extra time with him.
What are truly the important things in your life?  Would you spend your last day doing laundry?  Would you eat the largest ice cream sundae you could find?  Take the time to watch the sunset? Would you dance in the moon light?  Call every person you know and let them know that you love them?  Hug everyone tighter than you've ever hugged them before?  Would you wish that you had served more?  Or less?  Would you quickly try to go through your bucket list?  Do you even have a bucket list? 
I don't have one.  My husband says that I have no hobbies and no passions the way he does.  And since we're on the subject,  I wonder how my husband would spend his last day?  Would he go jump off of the biggest object he could find?  Or would he spend it with the kids and me? 
How would you spend your life if it was your last day?  And why aren't you doing THAT now?  Find your passions and don't be afraid of them!  I'm not condoning living carelessly, but in fact living more careFULLY.  Go hug your loved ones and discover your passion!
My challenge to you is to make a list of 5 things that you would do if it was your last day.  If it's possible to do them today, go do them!  Here's mine.
  1. Call at least 2 people, just to hear their voice and tell them that I love them.
  2. Hug my kids longer, read them the extra book, play whatever they ask me.
  3. Love on my husband.
  4. Dance
  5. Help at least one person who has not asked for help.
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