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J wanted to paint while Lego-boy was at school the other day.  So, when we got home after dropping him off, we went on an adventure in our yard to find stuff to use as "brushes".  Here's what we found and how we used them!  Plus, we put a couple of the spiky balls from a Sweet Gum tree, a couple paint drops and a piece of paper inside an old oatmeal container and shook it.  The paper turned out really cool!  We used an old cashew can for Jaycee's when she did it.  I had those containers sitting around thinking I'd do something with them and they finally served their "second" purpose!
Painting with Dandelions
The "paintbrushes" we used

A Dandelion leaf we painted and used as a stamp

The paper we made with our "spiky balls" and cashew container.
Our complete mess
Shaking the cashew container to make a pattern
Using pine needles as a paintbrush
Pressing the painted leaf to make a leaf print
The oatmeal container, paper, spiky balls and paint
This is how my oatmeal shaking creation turned out!

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