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     Sunday, around 4:00, my husband and I decided that we wanted to play cornhole.  Since we don't own a cornhole set, we decided to make one.  (Just when I was thinking we were going to get away without building anything this Memorial Day Weekend)  I had some outdoor duck fabric that I (thought) I could use.  So, my husband set out to make the boards and I set out to make the beanbags.  I had several pounds of beans that I could use too.  I looked up directions online.  Easy enough.  7 inch square fabric.  Sew three sides.  Make a liner 6 inches square.  Fill liner bag with 2 cups of beans.  Sew liner bag into duck-cloth bag.  My husband thought the 6 inch liner bag, once filled, was too hard.  So, we ended up just filling the outside bags and they felt perfect.  After a couple throws, the bags were ripping at the seams.  It wasn't actually the seams, it was the fabric.  So, now we're just going to get some heavier-duty fabric and sew bigger bags for the original ones.  It took me longer to make the beanbags than it did for him to make the boards!!  He's awesome!  
     So, anyway!  We were playing cornhole and it started to get a little rainy, so we just moved to the front porch and sat at the table for a while.  It's so nice sitting on the front porch with friends and just relaxing.  A little adult time.  The bigger boys ended up going inside to play with LEGOs, the girls stayed outside and played with chalk (sometimes in the rain) and one little boy watched a movie.  
     Somehow, a couple hours later, we went inside and there were beans everywhere!!!  I should have taken a picture of it.  I had left the bowl of beans that I was using to fill the beanbags on the counter.  I didn't even think about it because I figured we would be outside all night.  And what else was I going to do with the beans until I finished the bags?  I still had 2 that I needed to make, because once they told me that the fabric wasn't holding up, I didn't even bother to finish the last two.  The kids had apparently gotten into the beans.  Who knows what they were thinking or doing.  But, apparently it's loads of fun to have different beans everywhere.  We are still finding them.  They're in the bedrooms, the living room, the dining room.  It's great fun when lentils are mixed in with LEGOs.  So, lesson learned.  Don't leave a bowl of dry beans around when there will be children in the house.  Or maybe lesson not learned.  Because the bowl of beans is still sitting on my counter.  Oh Well!  I hope the kids had fun.  ;)

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