Playing Tooth Fairy

The Builder lost his 8th tooth yesterday!  I was trying to figure out when he lost his first tooth and I can't figure it out!  I'm looking at pictures, looking at his teeth and the date.  I know I posted pictures on Facebook, so the pictures have to exist!! 

I remember when he lost the first one, my stepmom said, "Don't do too much from the tooth fairy, because then he'll expect it every time!".  The first time a colored fairy came.  I got this idea from my aunt when my cousin was younger.  You leave the tooth in a glass of water and then depending on the color of the water the next day, that's what color fairy came.  The Builder's first fairy was blue.  The water was blue and there was a trail of blue "fairy dust"--blue colored sugar sprinkles.   He got a certificate, a letter and  probably a quarter.  That's the good thing about the colored fairies, they can't leave paper money. 

The second tooth, my husband wanted to do  the old-fashioned way and have The Builder leave it under his pillow.  I think we ended up leaving it on a dresser or something.  I don't remember what the tooth fairy did for the teeth after that.  I do remember that we lost a tooth.  I told The Builder that tooth fairies were magic and were able to find them wherever the teeth were. They have some kind of radar.   I think we finally found it, but lost it again.  So, that time the tooth fairy had to leave The Builder a note that she had found it, but lost it again.  She also said that if he found it to save it for next time.  I think we did eventually find it and put it in the safe with the first one. 

There was also a tooth that we think he swallowed in the middle of the night.  Don't think he ever ended up getting anything for that one.  We searched his bed the next morning and couldn't find it.  That one probably ended up in the sewer.  Ewwww! 

This time, The Builder asked  to leave it in water again to see which color fairy comes.  So, I need to figure that out and remember to do it before I go to bed!~~~~~~~~~~~
Okay, tooth fairy did her job.  Turns out it was a red one this time! And she left one quarter for each tooth so far.  So, he got 8 quarters.  Wonder if they'll be stained red?

I found this cute little poem on

In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where
dreams are made,
Let's see if you
can make a trade.

In this pocket I will lay,
the little tooth I lost today.
Please, dear fairy,
tonight as I sleep
leave me a coin.
My tooth you can keep.
- Author Unknown

Here are some great sites with Tooth Fairy ideas and Free printables:

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