Summer anticipation | A - Z

My daughter only has 3 days of school left!  I can not believe how quickly her school year has flown byIt seems like I was just taking her picture in front of the school door.  Since this was her first year, it's overwhelming to me how quickly it flew by!  My son has a little less than a month left.  So, I thought I'd post the things we're looking forward to in the summer months.

A-Airplane on our trip to mommy's home in FL
B-Beach, Bonfires, Barbecues, Bubbles, Butterflies
C-Cherries!!, Camp days, Corn on the Cob, Cicadas
D-Dropzone--Not for me, for my husband (might as well include him!)
E-Elephants--they are finally back at our zoo!!
F-Fourth of July, Farmer's Markets, Frozen Drinks, Friends
H-Hammock, Hula Hoops
I-Ice Cream stands
J-Jump rope
L-Lake Erie
M-Metro Parks
N-Nature Centers
O-Oaktree ( to climb, between which we hang hammocks, etc.)
P-Pools, Parks, Playgrounds, Peppers
Q-Quilt for picnics
S-Sandboxes, Sunshine, Sprinklers, Slip 'n Slides
U-Unicycle, my husband again.  Not me (he sounds a lot more interesting than me, doesn't he?)
V-Vacation, duh!
X- X-games of the summer variety--Skateboarding and Moto X--What 7 yr.old boy wouldn't  watch?
Y-Yard Sales
Z-Zoo, Zucchini

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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