Weekend Update | Channeling Elmer Fudd

So, we stayed pretty busy this weekend.  After my post on Friday about how I would live my last day, we spent a lot of time outside.  While Logan was at school on Friday, Jaycee and I went out to swing.  After we picked Logan up from school, we hit a couple garage sales.  We came home and ate outside.  This time of year, we eat outside a lot!  Then we played outside all day long.  It was fun except for all of the mud.  I have to admit there were a couple dicey hours in there when Mommy almost lost it because of the mud and arguing kids.  We put the hammock up and Jaycee flipped Logan out right into the mud. 

 Plus, every time we had to go in or out of the house, we had to take our shoes off, put our shoes on, take our shoes off, put our. . . well, you get the picture.  We try to never wear our shoes in the house anyway, but it seems like the muddier the kids' shoes are, the more they forget to take them off. 

I was supposed to switch out winter clothes this weekend and I got the kids' done, but still need to do mine. 

Another thing we did this weekend was make Red, White and Blue cupcakes.

Yesterday, Mike and Logan made a rabbit trap.  I have no idea why they've been talking about making one, but it finally happened yesterday.  I had images in my head of Elmer Fudd.  Especially once they decided to try out the BB guns again.  I'm not sure how much more hillbilly they could have gotten around here yesterday.  But, here are some pics.
Supposedly, the rabbit would go in to get the food and bump the stick which would trigger the door to close.  Mike promises the rabbit won't get hurt in any way. 

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