5 Months!! Reminiscing | Breaktime for Mommy

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Well, I've made it to my 5 month Blogoversary!!  Yahoo!  Or Yippee Ki-Yay!  I've decided to go back and reminisce and give you a glance of the past.  I let Random.org choose which article to re-post as long as it was a personal post.  It chose #26!!   The post was called "Going to Doctor=Breaktime for Mommy".  It goes a little something like this~~

Going to Doctor=Breaktime for Mommy

Yippee!! I have a doctor's appointment today! I don't care that it's a "girl doctor". I will actually be in the van on the way to the doctor by myself! There won't be anyone else in the van with me. I love my kids! But, it's nice to get a break sometimes, even if it's just going to the doctor. I even hope she's running just a little late so that I can read a book. . . . . .  You can read the rest HERE.

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