Country Maid Ice Cream and Orchard | Richfield Ohio

 You almost can't throw a stone in NE Ohio without hitting a family owned Ice Cream store or an Apple Orchard.  Sometimes, the two come together in one package.  There is a really cute Ice Cream store/Orchard that my mom and I accidentally came across back in 2007.  She was up visiting me one time in the fall.  I was trying to find any house out in Amish country to buy homemade Maple Syrup for a Mommy's brunch that I was having.  Never did find the Maple Syrup.  But, I have never regretted "searching" because we found this cute little Orchard.  Every now and then the kids and I will head over and get Ice Cream.  They're really priced pretty well too.  The kids and I can get ice cream for all three of us for under $5.  They also have a little store inside where you can buy locally canned jellies, jams, pasta sauces, honey, popcorn, maple syrup, etc.

Ice Cream with Sprinkles ~~  Nom!

Love their selection of local goodies!
 Check out all of the flavors of Ice Cream!
Last year, during farm season, I got a box of really yummy plums from here.  They were so cute, tiny, juicy and delicious!  I can't wait for their season to begin.  They also have peaches and apples when in season.  If you're from NE Ohio, you can find their picking schedule and availability on their website.
Some of the Apple Trees are out back here.

On the way back home, their is a park in Richfield, where we stopped to play.
The park had a cute little play area, baseball fields, soccer fields and a pond with a sidewalk all the way around it.  
Fun little afternoon! 

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